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Not all time release tablets are created equal.  Watch to see how Liniex Time Release is different. 

Why Time Release

Our bodies are unique; each person absorbs and utilizes nutrients at different rates and with differing efficiencies.  If your body is stressed, suffering from illness, or on a diet, your body may have challenges utilizing nutrients as well.  Our bodies also demand certain nutrients in different levels throughout the day.  Taking a supplement once daily may only provide the body with additional nutritional support for a short portion of the day.  Chrono formulations are more effectively used by the body because they are delivered at near consistent levels 24 hours a day.  Chrono formulations provide nutrients whenever your body requires them, “Nutrition In Time with your body”.


Patented Time Release

Applied for in 2007, and granted July 2012, our patented technology delivers nutrients in near consistent amounts for 24 Hours.  


How Does Liniex Time Release Work

  1. Our tablet is manufactured under pressure and aqueous coated for ease of swallowing.
  2. Once ingested, the digestive juices dissolve the aqueous coating.
  3. Our time release excipients interact with digestive juices and a gel coating is formed around the tablet. 
  4. The active ingredient within the compressed tablet expand and separate in the gel. 
  5. As the body digests the gel, the active ingredient is slowly absorbed by the body.


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