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Chrono Health Care specializes in time released natural health care supplements designed to maximize the body’s ability to absorb and utilize nutrients.  We do this by incorporating patented Liniex Time Released Technology with nutrients that would be more effective if they were consistently available to the body over longer periods of time.


Our Team

Dr. Dennis Reich

Dr. Dennis Reich - Chief Science Officer

Dr. Dennis Reich is a practicing physician with over 12 years of experience in technology consulting as well as leading innovative technological initiatives aimed at the healthcare market. He has worked with companies such as IBM, and GE Medical. He also sits on the board of directors of numerous corporations and has 10 year of experience in medical research. 

Dr. Reich founded Chyma Systems Inc, a leading provider of groupware and scheduling applications aimed specifically at physicians.  A respected physician leader in his community he graduated from Queens University and received a family practice degree from Laurentian University.


John Strasheim BW.jpg

John Strasheim - President & Chief Executive Officer

John Strasheim, President and CEO, has experience in small, customer driven companies.  John was the driving force behind BowTech,  one of the top archery companies in the world and has always been dedicated to top quality products and customer service.   John leads the business in production, quality assurance, customer service and is dedicated to researching and developing new and greater natural health care products.  John also presides over Cosmos Creations (http://www.cosmoscreations.com) a healthy baked corn snack that is sweeping the nation.